Brand Questions

Who is Beatbot?

We have more than 10 years of experience in the robotics and Al industry and served billions of peopleworldwide. Among them, Siler Wang, the CEO, began his journey with window-cleaning robots, mastering the art of making machines climbwalls-an expertise he now applies to the Beatbot pool robots. Healso collaborated on solar robots with major companies, blendingcutting-edge tech with practical solutions.

Why choose Beatbot?

At present, manufacturers of swimming pool cleaning tracks mainly focus on the ease of use and cleanliness of swimming pool robots, and their intelligence and movement capabilities are relatively weak. Therefore, Beatbot focuses on two core technologies: first, high-precision sensors + intelligent navigation planning capabilities to improve the equipment's obstacle avoidance ability and cleaning efficiency; second, more efficient motor and impeller fluid and flow channel optimization, bringing more powerful cleaning Capacity and endurance

Which countries and regions is it available for sale?

In order to provide the best service, we currently only open to the United States and European Union.

What kind of swimming pool is suitable to use Beatbot cleaning robot?

It is suitable for swimming pools of various shapes and made of vinyl, fiberalass, ceramic or other materials.

Why should I buy during the pre-sale period? What are the discounts during the pre-sale period?

During the pre-sale period, you can enjoy early bird discounts of $400 for AquaSense Pro and $200 for AquaSense

Pre-order Qustions

Can I receive a refund after purchasing during the pre-sale period?
Where is it shipped from? When can I receive the goods?
Do I need to pay any cost for returns or exchanges?
How long is the product warranty?

Product Questions

What is the difference between AquaSense and AquaSense Pro, and which one should I choose?
Can I use the robot without Wi-Fi?
Why does the robot automatically return to the shore when cleaning is not completed?
Do I need to wipe/air dry the robot before charging?
How long can I leave the robot in the pool?
Will the water conditions affect the efficiency of the machine ?
Do I need to push the robot to the middle of the water?
Can I put my robot anywhere in the pool to start working?
Can this be used in a saltwater pool ?