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Beatbot AquaSense Pro Robotic Pool Cleaner

  • World's 1st 5-in-1 Cleaning: Clarification/Surface/Waterline/Floor/Walls Powered by 9 Motors.
  • Best Intelligent Path Optimization Powered by Quad-Core 1.8GHz Processor.
  • Industry-Exclusive Intelligent Return to Water Surface and Surface Parking.
  • Powerful Wall Cleaning with Brushless Main-Pump Motor up to 5500 GPH Suction.
  • Effortless Cleaning Control with the Beatbot APP and OTA Software Upgrades.
  • Award-Winning and Eco-Friendly Cordless Submarine Propulsion Design.
  • Superior Cleaning Efficiency and Coverage with 2x2 Independent Roller Brushes.
  • Extreme Safety and Reliability with 15 Certifications, including ETL, CEC, and IP68.
  • Ultimate Convenience with Cordless Charging Dock for Plug-Free Operations.
  • 9.5 Hours Surface Cleaning and 5 Hours Floor Cleaning with 10400mAh Battery.

Style: Extend the warranty to total 3 years

Extend the warranty to total 3 years

available for orders between $1 - $2,000

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Total price:$2,238.99 $1,798.99
Beatbot AquaSense Pro The World's First All-in-One Smart Pool Cleaning Robot Beatbot AquaSense Pro The World's First All-in-One Smart Pool Cleaning Robot

5-in-1 Cleaning Magic

It Cleans Where Others Can't

AquaSense Pro Robotic Pool Cleaner does it all! It offers the most comprehensive cleaning, making pool cleanliness and water clarity a breeze.

Get Your Pool Cleaner Than Ever

Unleash the Power Your Pool Can't Handle!

Experience unmatched mobility and cleaning performance with nine powerful motors, a dual-roller brush system at the front and back, and up to 150 μm ultra-fine dual filtration.

Customized Cleaning

Take Total Control of Your Pool

The Beatbot App empowers users to customize their cleaning experience, offering unparalleled control and convenience over their pool maintenance.

It Gives You Total Peace of Mind

Makes Pool Care A Breeze

Maintaining your pool becomes effortless with AquaSense Pro. It's easy to use, retrieve, and maintain, making the entire cleaning process a breeze.

Efficient Pool Cleaning with a Scratch-Free Solution

Effectively cleans all types of swimming pools, including concrete pool, vinyl pool, fiberglass pool and ceramic tiles pool, leaving no scratches.

What's in the Box

Beatbot AquaSense Pro What's in the box Beatbot AquaSense Pro What's in the box

Which Beatbot pool robot is right for you?

Beatbot AquaSense Pro
Beatbot AquaSense Pro
Beatbot AquaSense Pro
Beatbot AquaSense
Purchase Price
Robot Type
Cleaning Coverage Areas
Water Surface, floor, walls, waterline
Floor, walls, waterline
In-Box Content
Robotic pool cleaner, charging dock, hook, quick start guide, user manual
Robotic pool cleaner, Plug charger, hook, quick start guide, user manual
Pool Type
Above ground & in-ground pools
Above ground & in-ground pools
Pool Shape
All shapes, such as rectangular, round, kidney, and freeform
All shapes, such as rectangular, round, kidney, and freeform
Recommended Pool Size (Pool Bottom Area)
300 square meters (3,229 square feet)
210 square meters (2,260 square feet)
Pool Materials
All materials including concrete, ceramic tiles, vinyl, and fiberglass
All materials including concrete, ceramic tiles, vinyl, and fiberglass
Hardware Components
Quad-core Cortex-A7 industrial-grade CPU&MCU, DDR RAM, flash storage, and 20 smart sensors (including dual gyroscopes and dual ultrasonic AI sensors)
Quad-core Cortex-A7 industrial-grade CPU&MCU, DDR RAM, flash storage, and 15 smart sensors (including dual gyroscopes and dual ultrasonic AI sensors)
Operating System
Beatbot OS
Beatbot OS
Wifi connection
Wifi connection
Intelligent Navigation
SonicSense™ Ultrasonic AI Pool Mapping and Obstacle Avoidance CleverNav™ Smart Navigation System for optimized path planning
SonicSense™ Ultrasonic AI Pool Mapping and Obstacle Avoidance CleverNav™ Smart Navigation System for optimized path planning
Cleaning Patterns
Pool floor and surface: S-shaped pattern Pool walls and waterline: N-shaped pattern
Pool floor: S-shaped pattern Pool walls and waterline: N-shaped pattern
Cleaning Modes
5 Modes: Quick mode: floor (1 time) Standard mode: floor, walls and waterline (1 time) Pro mode: floor, walls, waterline and surface (1 time) ECO mode: cleans the floor every other day (1 time) Custom mode
3 Modes: Quick mode: floor (1 time) Standard mode: floor, walls and waterline (1 time) Custom mode
Automatic Water Release
SmartDrain™ advanced submarine-inspired automatic water release
SmartDrain™ advanced submarine-inspired automatic water release
Water Clarification
Yes. ClearWater™ Clarifying Technology
NonaDrive™ 9-Motor System
3 Motors
DuoSpeedFlex™ Dual-Group Roller Brush System with differential speed (Front and rear: 2 x 2 sets)
DuoSpeedFlex™ Dual-Group Roller Brush System with differential speed (Front and rear: 2 x 2 sets)
Number of Suction Ports
2 ports (Front and Bottom)
1 port (Bottom)
Suction (GPH)
5500 GPH
5500 GPH
Filters Material
Filters Access
Top access
Top access
Filters Number
2 (one larger & one thinner)
Filters Density
250 μm+150 μm
150 μm
Filter Baskets Capacity
Battery Capacity & Type
10,400 mAh Lithium Ion
6,700 mAh Lithium Ion
Easy to Charge (Charging Method)
Dock Charging Station
Dock Charging Station
Control Buttons
1 power switch key + 4 mode keys
1 power switch key + 2 mode keys
Overall Robot Weight
9.3 kg
Robot Dimensions
451 (L) mm x 403 (W) mm x 263 (H) mm 1.48 (L) ft x 1.32 (W) ft x 0.86 (H) ft
451 (L) mm x 403 (W) mm x 233 (H) mm 1.48 (L) ft x 1.32 (W) ft x 0.76 (H) ft
Waterproof Protection
IP68 (robot), IPX4 (charging dock)
IP68 (robot), IPX4 (charging dock)
Water depth range
0.5 m to 3 m (1.64 ft to 9.84 ft)
0.5 m to 3 m (1.64 ft to 9.84 ft)
Warranty Period
2 years
2 years
OTA performance updates

1.Independent waterline cleaning will be enabled through an OTA software upgrade; the current waterline cleaning is combined with wall cleaning.
2.The clarifying agent kit is sold separately.
3.A customized mode will be added by OTA through the APP. Users will be able to tailor their cleaning by choosing the area or combination of areas they want to clean.They will also be able to choose to clean only the surface or only the waterline, and set the cleaning cycle to their preference (1 or 2 times).
4.The water flow rate is measured in GPH (gallons per hour). The stronger the water pump flow capacity, the higher the suction power, and consequently, the greater the success rate of climbing walls. Please note that 5500GPH was the highest rate tested in Beatbot's internal labs, so actual results may vary.

Frequently-asked Questions

Can this be used in a saltwater pool ?

Yes, our robotic pool cleaner can be safely used in salt water with a concentration not exceeding 5000 ppm. The concentration of salt in most home swimming pools does not exceed the above concentrations.

What kind of swimming pool is suitable to use beatbot cleaning robot?

Our robotic pool cleaner is suitable for swimming pools of various shapes and made of vinyl, fiberalass, ceramic or other materials.

Does it work on above ground pools ?

Yes, it works on both in-ground and above ground pools.

What's the run time of the battery?

Aquasense Pro can complete water surface cleaning for up to 9.5 hours or pool bottom cleaning for up to 5 hours in a single charging cycle.The above data are the test results of Beatbot laboratory, and the details are always subject to the actual operating environment.

Will it work with a beach entry pool?

AquaSense Pro can work with beach entry pools as long as the water depth is over 1.6ft, as AquaSense Pro is designed to operate within a depth range of 1.6ft to 9.8ft. If the water depth is less than 1.6ft, then the robot will return to the water of deep side.

How big is the filter basket?

The filter basket's capacity of AquaSense Pro is 3.7L.

What is the battery capacity and how long does it take to charge?

AquaSense Pro is equiped with 10,400mAh battery and it requires only 3.5 hours for a full recharge. The charging time may longer when temperature is below 77℉.

Why does the robot go offline after entering the water?

Wi-Fi signals operate using 2.4GHz electromagnetic waves to transmit data. Water, being a medium with a high dielectric constant, can absorb and scatter these electromagnetic waves significantly. When the robot is submerged in water, the water acts as a barrier that severely attenuates the Wi-Fi signal, making it difficult for the robot to maintain a stable connection to the network. The loss or weakening of the Wi-Fi signal in water can cause the robot to lose its connection to the network and go offline.

“The Beatbot Aquasense Pro is the first I've tested that actually had me reconsidering my weekly pool guy.”

“Upon entering a pool, the robot will travel along the pool floor edge, using advanced sensors to create an efficient path for cleaning. This ensures that all areas get complete coverage. ”

Beatbot Pool Cleaning Robots The Verge Media Reviews

“Beatbot AquaSense Pro stands out as the world's first 5-in-1 pool cleaning solution, designed to thoroughly clean every aspect of your pool, from the floor and walls to the waterline on the surface.”

Beatbot Pool Cleaning Robots clnet Media Reviews

User Experience

Customer Reviews

Based on 86 reviews
Very good performance, Best robert for swimming pool

Recently upgraded to the BeatBot AquaSense Pro, and it's been a total game-changer for my pool maintenance routine.
The 5-in-1 cleaning system works great and the cordless design means no more tangled cords, I like the smart return design most! Robot will come back to the surface and ending died in the middle of pool! Highly recommend this to anyone looking to simplify their pool cleaning.

D g
Poor job accomplishing what you are buying it for

Have a Polaris iq vrx does decent job but aged out so tried this $2000 replacement great idea but no WiFi under water bumps into the walls vey heavy and does a poor job cleaning the pool don’t get me wrong if it was $500 it would be acceptable but not at the high price point they are trying to get

J. Staley

i've been through several knock-off brands and cheaper robots and vacuums over the years. What a complete waste of money those cheaply made Chinese products were. While i believe this one is also made in china, there is absolutely nothing cheap about it. It is an absolute tank. Very, very well designed and exceedingly well manufactured. Very easy to unbox and get started. Took me three times longer to set up the app than to get the robot going. App is very cool, shows a very accurate map of your pool's bottom shape after just the first cleaning. The charging station is absolutely brilliant. Very easy to empty and clean. And of course it does an unbelievably good job of cleaning everything. I threw it in right after we opened the pool. It did all the scrubbing for me, i didn't lift a finger this year. The one and only drawback is the weight. It's very heavy. While it's not cheap it is worth every penny. I wish i had found this years ago!

Ryan V.
Beatbot sets the tone for autonomous pool cleaners

I've had the opportunity to use several autonomous and semi-autonomous robotic pool cleaners and, to be honest, most of them do a fairly good job at cleaning debris from the bottom of the pool. So much so, that there are plenty of lesser models on the market that are perfectly serviceable and more budget friendly.
So what sets the Beatbot Aquasense Pro apart? Let's dive into it...
To start, the Aquasense Pro is built like a tank. It is notably larger and heavier than any other cleaner I've used. Happily, this added bulk isn't just for show - it translates directly into performance. The suction on this cleaner is exceptional. It has no problem with the standard debris that collects in a pool - leaves, sticks, pebbles, etc. It will clean and contain these items with no problem. The bigger test for us, however, was twofold: First, we had our pool tiles sandblasted to remove some significant hard water deposits underneath a waterfall that drops into our pool. The person sandblasting did vacuum the pool afterward, but the process still left a significant amount of fine silt. With just two cleaning cycles, Aquasense Pro was able to clean and filter the remaining fine silt leaving our pool sparkling clean. It was quite amazing to see how well the filter basket worked by trapping a significant portion of the leftover blasting media.
Second, and similarly, we recently had a large nearby brushfire and windstorm which dropped ash and plant debris on our neighborhood for two days. Again, the Aquasense Pro had no trouble simultaneously cleaning both the larger and fine debris from our pool leaving it swim-ready in less than two hours.
Beyond its ability to clean, the Aquasense Pro is superior in its feature-rich capabilities.
One of the features I really like is that the Aqusense Pro is "plunge-'n-play". You can simply take the robot from its charging dock, put it in the water, and it starts-up automatically to run its preprogrammed cycle. After it completes the program, the Aquasense Pro will surface itself and return to its starting location making it extremely easy to retrieve after the cleaning is done.
Regarding its program cycles, there are essentially three cleaning cycles that can be preselected in the app or overridden using the buttons on the robot itself. The cycles basically equate to a light, medium, and heavy cleaning but, more specifically, allow the user to select between cleaning the floor, skimming the surface, scrubbing the walls, or all of the above. You can also select the pattern which the robot will use for cleaning and, once it runs a few times, it will map your pool and optimize its travel efficiency to preserve battery life. Speaking of which, on the highest setting (i.e. heavy cleaning x 2), the Aquasense has enough battery power to run 2-3 cycles on our smaller 5000 gallon pool before needing a recharge.
Another area where the Aquasense Pro excels is with its maneuverability in the pool. While floating, the internal jets will drive it effectively around the surface of the pool to skim the surface clean. But watching it dump its ballast to submerge to the bottom is actually kind of neat. Once sunk, the wide and well-designed tank tracks kick-in giving the robot exceptional maneuverability while submerged. The treads allow the robot to navigate any obstacle, climb walls, roll over drain covers, and transverse steps with no trouble. Where some of the other cleaners we've tried would often get stuck on our drain covers or couldn't quite get over the stairs, the Aquasense Pro continues working having yet to get stuck.
The Aquasense Pro comes with easy-to-follow instructions as well as a retrieval hook that fit my pool pole (believe it or not, hooks from other robots didn't). I've only needed to use the hook once as the Aquasense returns to the start position, but I had left it in the pool a while and the wind pushed it out of reach. But note that the Aquasense Pro comes with everything you need to get started. It is truly "plunge-'n-play". The Aquasense does include a slot for an optional water clarity filter. It would have been nice if one came in the box (...to maybe get me hooked on buying them), but we've been using it without and have still been very impressed with this robot's ability to clean.
Overall, the Beatbot Aquasense Pro is undeniably the best autonomous pool cleaner we've used. Yes, there is some room for improvement on the software side, but the robot itself is truly exceptional. If you're in the market for this type of pool cleaner, I can confidently recommend spending a little extra to take advantage of the added features and more rugged design - especially if you have a larger pool. The Aquasense Pro outperforms every other robot I've tried in every way.

Tony Miller
Loving My New Beatbot Aquasense Pro

People can be haters all they want, but my Beatbot aquasense pro came yesterday and today I put it in the pool. I absolutely love this thing and to me it was well worth the money. I don’t apologize to anyone that I can afford to have the best. For the first use, I chose to just do the floor, as that is all I needed today. The floor is spotless and the Beatbot came back to the spot where I put it in, it climbed the wall, and waited for me to lift it out. I love that! Even more, I love not spending time uncoupling hoses, getting extension cords, and the hassle of using my Dolphin. It’s awesome that this unit will keep updating its firmware so this baby always has the latest software. You get what you pay for, and I’m delighted that I got the best!