Industry-leading Sustainability

Beatbot's Commitments to Sustainability

At Beatbot, we are committed to creating a future where pool care is smarter, hassle-free, and environmentally sustainable. By leveraging cutting-edge technology, eco-friendly practices, and socially responsible actions, we are leading the way towards an innovative and conscious future for pools worldwide and for future generations.

Our Leading Path to Greener and Sustainable Pools

At Beatbot, we understand the concerns about pools being perceived as non-eco-friendly and water-consuming, especially in the face of increasing water scarcity and frequent droughts. However, we believe that the enjoyment of pools and environmental responsibility can coexist.
As the pool market grows, so does the urgency of climate change. Our goal is to ensure that future generations can still enjoy their pools responsibly, making them sustainable oases. This means significantly reducing environmental impact through decreased use of materials, chemicals, and water consumption.

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Our commitment to the environment is reflected in every aspect of our products and operations.
We are proud to set industry-leading standards in eco-friendly pool care:

IMR coating

Using thermally efficient and corrosion-resistant IMR coating reduces heat transfer, enhancing energy efficiency and prolonging the lifespan of electronic components, thereby reducing power consumption.

Hydrodynamic Design

Our robots incorporate an energy-saving hydrodynamic design, maximizing efficiency by minimizing resistance in water flow, thereby reducing energy consumption.

Recycled Materials

Our packaging, certified by TPCH, is made from recycled materials, reducing waste and and ensuring environmentally responsible practices throughout our supply chain.

Natural Clarifiers

Our eco-friendly clarifiers, derived from recycled crab shells sourced from the restaurant industry, offer a powerful solution that minimizes chemical usage, extends pool water lifespan, and fosters a healthier environment.

Renewable Energies

We've developed cutting-edge solar technologies and are actively planning to introduce solar-powered innovations soon, aiming to achieve the highest energy efficiency in the industry. Additionally, we are committed to developing more renewable energy-powered robots in the future, reducing our reliance on non-renewable energy sources.


Our robots are Climate Pledge Friendly (CPF) certified, meeting rigorous environmental standards to minimize their impact on the planet.

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CPF, or Climate Pledge Friendly, is a certification program by Amazon that identifies products designed to help reduce carbon emissions and protect the environment. It signifies a commitment to sustainability and eco-conscious manufacturing practices. Our CPF-certified pool robots meet stringent environmental standards, promoting resource conservation and minimizing waste, assuring customers of their positive environmental impact.

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About The
Climate Pledge

The Climate Pledge is a commitment to reach net-zero carbon emissions by 2040. It brings top companies together to accelerate joint action, cross-sector collaboration, and responsible change.

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At Beatbot, our vision is crystal clear: to lead the pool care industry towards a smarter, more sustainable future. We're committed to innovation, constantly pushing technological boundaries to enhance efficiency and eco-friendliness. Join us in our journey to make pool care smarter, more efficient, and sustainable, ensuring a cleaner, greener, but also enjoyable world for future generations.