Complete Guide to Pool Maintenance Using Robotic Pool Cleaner


Pool maintenance can consume a lot of time, but using a robotic pool cleaner can make the process much easier. Here's a comprehensive guide to pool maintenance using an automatic pool cleaner:

Pool Maintenance: A Step-by-Step Guide

Step 1:Understanding Your Robotic Pool Cleaner

Learn about the features and capabilities of your specific robotic pool cleaner.

Understand how to set up and operate the cleaner effectively.

Step 2:Regular Cleaning Schedule

Establish a regular cleaning schedule based on pool usage, weather conditions, and debris accumulation.

Step 3:Preparing the Pool

Remove any large debris from the pool before operating the robotic cleaner.

Check the water chemistry and adjust it to ensure optimal cleaning performance.

Step 4: Operating the Robotic Pool Cleaner

Place the robotic cleaner in the pool and start the cleaner according to the manufacturer's instructions and let it thoroughly clean the pool.

Step 5: Monitoring and Maintenance

Regularly monitor the cleaner's operation to ensure it effectively removes debris and maintains the pool's cleanliness.

Clean and inspect the cleaner's filter and brushes per the manufacturer's recommendations.

Step 6: Removing and Storing the Cleaner

Once the cleaning cycle is complete, remove the robotic cleaner from the pool and properly store it according to the manufacturer's guidelines.

Step 7: Troubleshooting

Familiarize yourself with common issues and troubleshooting steps for your robotic pool cleaner.

Step 8: Long-Term Care

Perform routine maintenance on the robotic cleaner to prolong its lifespan and ensure optimal performance.

According to this comprehensive guide, you can effectively maintain your pool using a robotic pool cleaner, ensuring a clean and enjoyable swimming environment for you and your guests.

Understanding the Role of Robotic Pool Cleaners in Pool Maintenance

A clean and beautiful swimming pool... that's something we all dream of having. Now comes the tricky part: how do we achieve this goal? Hiring a professional pool service company is possible, but it can be expensive and only sometimes timely. Cleaning it yourself? It's doable but might only sometimes fit your schedule and be messy.

Incorporating a robotic pool cleaner into your pool maintenance routine can significantly prolong the lifespan of your pool. These intelligent devices efficiently remove debris and contaminants from the pool, reducing strain on the primary filtration system. This improves water circulation and chemical distribution, ultimately contributing to a healthier, longer-lasting pool environment.

Optimal Cleaning Performance for Every Pool

Robotic pool cleaners are designed to adapt and provide optimal cleaning performance for pools of varying sizes and shapes. Their ability to navigate different pool configurations guarantees thorough cleaning of every corner and crevice, promoting a consistently hygienic and inviting swimming environment. 

Key Features to Look for in Robotic Pool Cleaners

When selecting a robotic pool cleaner, consider intelligent navigation, effective scrubbing brushes, powerful suction capabilities, and easy-to-clean filter systems. These features contribute to the robotic pool cleaner's overall cleaning efficiency and performance, ensuring that your pool remains pristine with minimal effort. Here are some key features for choosing a robotic pool cleaner:

Look at Safety

Safety is the most important factor regardless of which pool robot is chosen. Products that have passed safety certifications ensure that they won't cause harm to you, your family, or your property under reasonable use scenarios, representing excellent product quality. Products without certification mean the batteries and chargers haven't been adequately assessed and tested. 

Consider the Product Structure

  Currently, the market mainly offers wired and wireless robots equipped with motors and dust boxes that stir the pool and filter the water. The main difference is whether or not batteries power them. The advent of new technology means battery life is no longer a shortcoming. Compared to wired pool robots that drag cumbersome cables, wireless products can navigate through various shapes of pools. It's also important to note that your water surface skimmer will inevitably get caught on the cables of wired pool robots, which is unavoidable.

Look at Battery Size and Charging Method

  The size of the battery determines the machine's battery life, but this is not absolute. For instance, machines equipped with brushless water pumps are more efficient than those with brushed motors. It's important to emphasize that the parameter for measuring battery size is energy Wh (voltage multiplied by capacity), and many manufacturers use battery capacity size to confuse consumers. For example, a 21.6V/10000mAh battery pack has more energy than a 7.2V/15000mAh battery pack.

Look at the Cleaning Function and Capability

A clean pool means not just a clean pool bottom; the walls and waterline are equally important. Track-driven structures have better mobility and stronger wall-climbing capabilities compared to wheel-driven ones. Plus, tracks are made of soft rubber, which is more pool-friendly and unlikely to scratch your pool surface like wheels might.

Look at Intelligence

We need a pool robot with planning and navigation functions. Compared to pool robots that wander, products with ultrasonic radars efficiently scan the pool to ensure every inch is cleaned without being forgotten. Products equipped with a WIFI connection to an APP usually mean more mode functions and are more intelligent.

Maintenance Tips for Robotic Pool Cleaners

Maximizing the lifespan and functionality of your robotic pool cleaner with regular maintenance is vital. After each cleaning cycle, empty and rinse the filter to remove trapped debris. Inspect the brushes and components for wear and tear, and store the cleaner away from harsh weather conditions to preserve its longevity.


In conclusion, integrating robotic pool cleaners into pool maintenance routines represents a significant advancement in the quest for effortless and effective cleaning. By harnessing the power of automation, pool owners can bid farewell to the labour-intensive and time-consuming nature of traditional pool cleaning methods. Instead, they can enjoy the convenience and peace of mind offered by these intelligent devices, allowing them to fully savour the pleasures of their sparkling-clean swimming pools.

This guide is valuable for optimizing pool maintenance using robotic pool cleaners. By implementing the insights shared, pool owners can embark on a journey towards simplified and efficient pool maintenance, ensuring that their aquatic retreats remain sources of joy and relaxation for years.

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