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Beatbot AquaSense Pro

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Beatbot AquaSense

The Smarter Choice in Cordless Pool Cleaning


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Harnessing cutting-edge technology, our robotic pool cleaners offer superior cleaning power, extensive coverage, ease of use, and unmatched durability. We've pioneered the world's first intelligent 5-in-1 pool cleaning robot, revolutionizing maintenance with groundbreaking features.

The Ultimate Solution to Your Pool Care Challenges

Engineered to conquer everyday pool care challenges, discover how AquaSense Pro transforms pool maintenance—watch our live video now.

The Ultimate Solution to Your Pool Care Challenges

Engineered to conquer everyday pool care challenges, discover how AquaSense Pro transforms pool maintenance—watch our live video now.

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Join countless satisfied customers who rely on Beatbot’s proven track record and industry-leading technology. Become part of the 85% of high-end pool cleaning robot owners who trust Beatbot for unparalleled performance and innovation.


“...Yeah, you might splurge a bit, but you're investing in top-notch cleaning tech that's leagues ahead of the competition.”


“...This seems to be one of those products that actually performs as advertised. Job well done! ”


“...Overall, if you're looking for a reliable and efficient pool cleaner that delivers exceptional results, I highly recommend giving this a try.”


“...All in all it's been a good buy and a real time saver. Our pools looks great and gets swept a lot more frequently.”

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With over 200 top-tier global media endorsements and praise from industry leaders, Beatbot robots are celebrated for their cutting-edge technology, exceptional performance, and proven reliability. When you choose Beatbot, you’re opting for a product trusted by field experts.

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“Beatbot AquaSense Pro stands out as the world's first 5-in-1 pool cleaning solution, designed to thoroughly clean every aspect of your pool, from the floor and walls to the waterline on the surface.”

Beatbot pool cleaning robot leads the trend and beats the heat on clnet media

“Upon entering a pool, the robot will travel along the pool floor edge, using advanced sensors to create an efficient path for cleaning. This ensures that all areas get complete coverage. ”

Beatbot Pool Cleaning Robots The Verge Media Reviews

“The Beatbot Aquasense Pro is the first I've tested that actually had me reconsidering my weekly pool guy.”

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@Unbox Therapy

Beatbot AquaSense Pro is the most advanced robotic pool cleaner I've ever seen.

Beatbot Pool Cleaning Robots@Jon Rettinger Product Reviews

@Jon Rettinger

The AquaSense Pro by Beatbot is kinda magic. Watching it climb walls, skim the surface of the water and dive down to get all the gross stuff that settles there is amazing.

Beatbot Pool Cleaning Robots@apieceofmyhaven Product Reviews


I love our new Beatbot pool robot. It has made pool maintenance so much easier. My favorite feature is the surface Cleaning . It helps keep my pool look crystal clear!

Beatbot Pool Cleaning Robots @oliamajd Product Reviews


I love the Beatbot AquaSense Pro! It is so easy to use and I can finally have no cords in the pool! Looks so much more sleek!

Beatbot Pool Cleaning Robots@Shane Starnes Product Reviews

@Shane Starnes

The BeatBot is the most efficient pool robot I have used with its ability to clean the pools floor, walls, water line and water surface. I also love that I don't have to mess with cords and hoses.

@Triple M

It is the most advanced robotic pool cleaner that I've used to date, the surface cleaning, which acts as a skimmer, truly works!

Beatbot Pool Cleaning Robots @TechMagnet Product Reviews


It's able to climb the pool walls that most others can't, also clean the top of the pool that allows it to fly through the water, more intelligent!

Beatbot Pool Cleaning Robots @Elizabeth Swims Product Reviews

Elizabeth Swims

The beatbot does all the work so you can spend less time cleaning and more time playing in the beautiful clear pool

Beatbot Pool Cleaning Robots @Techmagnet Product Reviews


the build quality, down to every single accessory is top notch and the design looks equally amazing

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